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Thomas Vermaelen vs West Ham

How To Gloat In Multiple Languages

  • I work with a Barcelona fan. He speaks better Spanish than I do. I might have practiced mine by gloating at him this morning.
  • Me: *skips down the hallway*
  • Him: No. No me hablas. Ve alla.
  • Me: Te dije! Te dije que serian campeones!
  • Him: No! No digas nada!
  • Me: Te dije que mi equipo es el mejor!
  • Him: Ve alla! Te odio!
  • Me: *laughs and skips away*
  • English translation
  • Him: No. Don't talk to me. Go away.
  • Me: I told you! I told you they would be champions!
  • Him: No. Don't say anything.
  • Me: I told you my team is the best!
  • Him: Go away! I hate you!


It was announced today that Nike and USATF have reached an agreement that extends Nike’s sponsorship of our sport’s governing body until the year 2040. For many of us fans, this is equivalent to a death sentence, an asphyxiation of the sport we love.

What’s weird is I was once a Nike girl.

Tears. Tears everywhere.


Iker crowning la CIbeles.

That’s it guys. That’s really it.
We are the champions of the Copa del Rey 2014.

Now it’s official, now everything is done, now everything is perfect.


Now the final tastes like glory. It was very exciting. We competed for every ball.

—Xabi Alonso (via elamoresblanco)

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Can someone pleas give me the link of the cibeles celebration online Please?
Pleeease dont ignore me SOMEONE??

I’m helpful… 


Iker Casillas lifts the Copa del Rey trophy | 16-04-14 

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Hahahahhaha 😂 thank u Carlo 😍


Hahahahhaha 😂 thank u Carlo 😍

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